How the Incentive Trip Kit App will Boost Every Phase of Your Travel Rewards Program

Oct 26, 2020


Incentive Programs have been proven to show an increase in the number of data points for companies and corporations over the years. In this article, you will learn how the Incentive Trip Kit App can deliver positive incentive results for your company throughout every phase of the much anticipated annual Incentive Rewards Program.

Generating Excitement & Buzz for the Next Trip

How do you get people excited? Show them exactly what they have to look forward to. With the right Incentive travel app, recipients of the corporate incentive contest will receive fun & emotional keepsake video made from all of the photographs that were taken by the winners of the trip. This video can be accessed by the company and redistributed in many different ways to help generate buzz about the upcoming rewards contest. There’s nothing like watching yourrival territory sipping on Mai Tais during a Costa Rican Sunset (may link an example video on the site or a pop-up video player for example of keepsake video) ​to give your sales team a little extra seasonal motivation.

Pre-Trip Organization

Share important information with your groups in a safe and secure setting while using the built-in document sharing feature. Upload group itineraries, list of possible excursions, important contact numbers, popular restaurants, etc. for the group of winners getting ready to depart for their much-anticipated vacation. By sharing documents through the Incentive Trip Kit, you can eliminate the cost of printing while also getting your group talking about the trip in a private & secure space. You can think of it as a private social network that is exclusive to your travel planner, your corporate admin, and your top earners preparing for their trip.

By using the private photo gallery, trip organizers & corporate managers can share images of the destination that your salespeople can look forward to. It can be used as a way to display a list of choices among what you have to look forward to in your travel arrangements.

During the Trip

The ​Incentive Trip Kit App​ will bring your best salespeople closer together while vacationing by encouraging them to share pictures as a group in a collective gallery that is private only to your group. Each group is given a unique username and password which allows the group to send messages, locate each other on a map, view important travel documents, and share entertaining pictures in a private group setting. The pictures shared in this gallery will then be used to create a keepsake video showcasing all of the fun that your winners had on their trip. The app and keepsake video is also custom branded to represent your company, sponsors, or partners involved with making the trip possible. So when your travelers are relieving their memories of their incentive sales trip, they will see the companies that helped make the trip possible. ​Click here to learn more.

Post Trip

Your top performers worked hard to earn their trip to Cabo, so of course, they’re going to enjoy themselves with several ‘once in a lifetime’ moments. With a unique incentive travel app like the Incentive Trip Kit, your best and brightest salespeople will receive the opportunity to relive ‘​those sometimes hard to remember​’ details for years down the road. Not only will each winner have a digital copy of their video to download, save, and share…. But each top performer will also receive a personal DVD containing their keepsake video and the hi-resolution pictures that were shared by the group. And depending on the level you buy into, additional perks can include a leatherette case and a ​​custom printed photo mosaic​ for your winners to showcase on their office walls.


Your incentive travel award winners’ video is living proof that hard work (and increased sales) really do pay off. And because the keepsake video is like a documentary of how much fun they had throughout their trip, many companies use video clips from last year’s top performance vacation to introduce the following year’s travel plans. This works well because winners who went on the trip get the opportunity to rewatch & relive the fruit of their efforts with their significant other, while those who didn’t make the trip get a good hard look at exactly what they ‘missed’ by not reaching their goals.

Sales & Marketing Fuel for the Fire

As a company, you can take advantage of the extraordinary experiences that are captured and re-purpose those moments for your internal and external marketing campaigns. Whether it be the occasional company-wide email blast, a post on the company’s Facebook page or just a quick 30-second slideshow through the companies favorite CRM, this incentive travel app is a great way to boost your sales teams’ moral no matter what your industry or space.

Getting Started

Are you interested in adding the Incentive Travel Trip Kit to your next incentive rewards program? Contact ​[email protected] or call 888-533-7637 ext. 209 for more information or to schedule a live demo.